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How to Survive the Global Driver Shortage

An eBook for transport businesses to gain a better understanding of job management software and how you can use it to work more efficiently and get the most out of your existing driving force.

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A peek inside this eBook

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Real-time data can help your business

Real-time data lets you stay ahead of your issues, provide proactive customer service and help protect your business reputation.


Utilize the fastest routes

Route optimization helps you continuously improve how you deliver and how long drivers need to spend on the road.


Automate customer communication

Automatic alerts and notifications improves customer satisfaction by removing uncertainty from changes.


Integrate related business tools

Connect your business efficiency tools and improve the speed in which tasks get completed whilst reducing the risk of human error.


Our goal in this book is to help you gain a better understanding of the technology available and how you can use it to work more efficiently.

vWork makes your job management easier. Our system helps you open the door to take advantage of all the data that your business produces, we give you the tools you need to automate away all the bottlenecks in your processes, and improve communication across the board between your dispatchers and admin staff and drivers, as well as with customers.  

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