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Automate job scheduling tasks and grow your landscaping business

Calculate how much time and money your landscaping business could save when using vWork. 




Calculate your potential savings

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Results you can expect

Gain an overview of how your current manual job scheduling processes contribute to your annual costs.

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Project potential wage savings

Estimate what savings you could make on your wage bill when using job management software.

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Better manage dispatching tasks

Understand how much time your dispatchers spend managing scheduling tasks that could be automated.

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Make more informed business decisions

Understand your business on a deeper level and make stronger business decisions.


Are you ready to optimise your landscaping business and build a better foundation for sustainable business growth?

To get the most accurate result for your landscaping business using our savings calculator, it’s best if you have the following information ready: 

1. Number of field jobs your business does per week
2. Percentage of jobs that are repetitive  
3. Number of dispatchers that manage these jobs
4. Hours dispatchers spend per week manually scheduling and dispatching jobs
5. Average annual salary of dispatchers

If you don’t have this on-hand right now – don’t worry! The calculator can still provide a good general overview of your business with estimates.

Use this savings calculator to summarise your business data, make better business decisions and foster business growth.

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