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Remove friction when managing deliveries and be confident that your operation is highly efficient.

Results? A stronger bottom line and happier customers.

When all the moving parts of your transport business are operating efficiently everyone wins – your customers, your drivers and dispatchers and your bottom line.

Knowing how scheduling and dispatch software can influence how time is used and as a consequence save you money is a powerful tool when scoping out which software is best for your needs.

There is a lot of software to choose from – and if you’re looking for a trimmed down version of classic transport management software, this calculator will highlight what is possible with vWork.




Try our savings calculator

Use this interactive calculator to see how much money and time your team could save when using vWork as your transport scheduling control centre.



What insights will you get from using this calculator?

Gain an overview of how your current manual job scheduling processes eat up time and resources that could be used elsewhere in your business.


Estimate potential savings across your business

Know where you could save time and money across your dispatching and driver teams.

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Manage dispatching better

Know how much time your dispatchers spend on tasks that could be automated.

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Make more informed dispatching decisions

Understand your business on a deeper level and make stronger dispatching decisions.


Are you ready to introduce delivery scheduling software and build a strong foundation for business growth?

To get the most accurate result using our savings calculator, it's best if you have the following information to hand:

    1. Average number of deliveries your business does each week
    2. Time dispatchers and/or drivers spend per week manually setting driving routes
    3. Time dispatchers spend per week manually scheduling and dispatching deliveries
    4. Are deliveries missed due to customers not being on-site to receive them?

If you don't have this on-hand right now - don't worry! The calculator can still provide  good general overview of your business with estimates.

Use this savings calculator to gain an overview of where transport dispatching software can help you transform your business processes and foster business growth. 

Try the calculator now